5 most read myStarjob.com career advice

With the new year, comes a new resolution for the career-minded. However, let us not forget all the valuable lessons we've learnt in the past. Here are the most popular career advice posts on myStarjob.com for 2014!

1. Top-paying jobs in Malaysia

Here, we’ve compiled the highest-paying positions and industries (per month basis) as listed by Kelly Services Malaysia:

2. 10 clear signs you should quit your job

The world seems like a terrible place at 8am, right up until you’ve had your coffee, tea, yoghurt, or whatever does it for you. But for some, it is more than just the morning’s lethargy. You know something is wrong when your usual pick-me-up fails to work its magic.

3. 10 traits found in excellent managers

People tend to gravitate towards these leaders, feel empowered, and achieve more than they thought possible. But why? What is so special about these individuals? What makes you a “manager of choice”, that helps you in turn to become a “talent magnet”?

4. Don't speak: Three words better left unsaid

Some words we use come with implications or subtle nuances, hidden like a ninja, that the sensitive will pick up right away. It is the speaker’s responsibility to detect and avoid them.

5. 20 good work habits to develop

Here are the basic skills all newcomers need to have on any job, and qualities which the company will be looking for during your performance evaluation: