Executive Aide De Camp: Round 1 of screening has begun

Previously, on Executive Aide De Camp (EADC) news, we sat down with Ms. Niho Khoo, head of the EADC programme and Executive Director of Nation Arms Sdn. Bhd. to get her standpoint on what she was looking for in the shortlisted candidates. (Click here for the article)

If you’re not already aware, the EADC is a new position formalised by Chico Force Sdn. Bhd., where successful candidates will be hired and trained for nine months, to ultimately serve as a protector cum personal assistant to their principals who consist of VIPs, VVIPs, and basically other high flying industry icons.

The EADCs will have the unique advantage of exposure to the professional lifestyles of their successful principals, learning valuable business and life lessons throughout their 5 years of service. To read more about the EADC position and training, click here.

The first rounds of candidates have gathered and the prospects are looking interesting. Of all the eleven shortlisted interviewees that have stepped into the office, however, it was interesting to note that only two of them were females.

Considering the reputation and stigma of the field, though, that statistic shouldn’t be too surprising. However, as repeatedly emphasized, the EADC programme is open to both genders, as the demand in the industry is there for females too.

As the candidates were milling about, preparing for their big interview, myStarjob.com took this opportunity to sit down with some of the interviewees to get their feedback and perspective on applying for such an unusual job position.

Here’s what a few of them had to say:

“The reason that I applied for this position is because I hate routine. I like being a teacher now, but I can’t imagine myself being a teacher day in and day out for many more years. I’ve just graduated last year, and I want to be in an exciting position where I can constantly learn new things, and learn new skills. It feels cool to be one of the few girls applying for the position. Initially I was a little apprehensive whether I’d be okay for the job. But we’ll see how it goes.”

-Teacher, female, 23-years-old

“This is actually a very unusual role, and although I am from an IT background, it appeals to my adventurous and outdoorsy side. I think although this field would be naturally filled with more men, it feels special to be one of the few females applicants here. It’s not like the usual female-associated positions that you’d find women in, which makes the women in this field stand out. The ‘cool’ factor for me is being able to be around important people, VIPs, and being accountable for someone’s life. It’s the accountability that makes this line appealing.”

-IT Professional, female, 30-years-old

“It has always been a dream to serve in the armed forces, really. However, my parents invested quite a bit in my education, I did not feel right choosing a path which had little return for their investment. But when I came across this opportunity, it seemed perfect. My parents are supportive, it is what I’ve always wanted to be, and I’d get to meet a lot of interesting people and be next to an iconic figure all the time. Being entrusted with the responsibility of someone’s life is something I’m really humbled to do.”

-Marketing Manager, male, 30-years-old


Does this job sound fascinating to you? Chico Force Sdn. Bhd. is still on the lookout for more qualified candidates to fill in the demand for their Executive Aide De Camp positions.

Successful applicants will have the chance to pursue a career opportunity like no other, working side-by-side with top industry icons and personalities as their personal protector, personal assistant, and their business right-hand man.

If you think you have the brains and brawn needed for the job, send in your application now through this link.

Stay tuned to myStarjob.com to read more exciting news about the Executive Aide De Camp positions. Coming up next, we sit with Ms Niho Khoo again to give us a little more insight into the life of an Executive Aide De Camp!