Hereís a job you've never thought existed in Malaysia

First round of Executive Aide De Camp interviewees gather at PWTC

Imagine this: A career that lets you travel, network with VIPs, broaden your physical and mental capabilities while giving you diversity, unlimited challenges, and a unique lifestyle like no other. Oh, and did we mention, all this for commendable pay and benefits (including firearm training)?

If you think this sounds too good to be true, read on here.

The Executive Aide De Camp (EADC) position by Chico Force (M) Sdn. Bhd. offers fresh graduates and those with a little more experience a one-of-a-kind opportunity and skillset that is unique in Malaysia.

Ms. Niho Khoo, head of the EADC programme Ms. Niho Khoo, head of the EADC programme

Functioning as an elite protector, these EADCs will ideally be young, educated candidates trained and groomed to protect their assigned principals, while gaining experience as an executive from their principals who consist of high-flying, successful, and greatly experienced individuals.

Itís a venture into the little known side of the industry locally, but not necessarily internationally, as the head of the EADC programme, Ms. Niho Khoo tells us.

It is the 3rd of June, and the first round of candidates for the EADC position are about to walk through the door for their initial round of interview and screening.

But before all that, myStarjob.com manages to sit down with Ms. Khoo herself, to find out a little more about the recruitment and training of the successful EADC candidates present today.

Q: What are you looking for in the EADC candidates today?

A: We are looking for someone who is qualified, confident, and is more or less fit physically. Both genders are accepted in this field.

Size wise, we are not looking for someone who is too short, too tall, or too built (like a bouncer). In other words, we want someone who doesnít stick out through their physique, but shines through their personality.

Q: Ultimately, these EADCs will be allowed to carry a firearm, which is a big responsibility. How will you assess that they are mentally prepared for this?

A: That is why we have the nine months of training. During the first three months, we can see if they are mentally there or not.

But to know them better, we need to go through the whole process of 9-12 months. From there, we will have our trainer telling us if this guy is fit to hold a firearm or not.

He has had over 30-years in the field, and therefore is able to judge if the person is patient enough, and calm enough. That is why we have chosen him to be our trainer.

Q: How intensive is this training? Are there very stringent standards that only few will meet?

A: It is not unreasonably high. I mean, of course we do have a certain standard we have to set for this programme.

That is why we have a 3-month probationary period. We canít force someone to do something that they do not want to do.

Just like a regular job, those three months can be used for the EADC to see if this is what he or she wants to do. There is still time to back out in the first three months if they find they are not really suited to this line.

That is the great part about this job Ė you get paid to be trained. So within these three months, the candidates can decide if the job is suitable for them or not, and then proceed to train for the next 6 months.


Does this job sound fascinating to you? Chico Force Sdn. Bhd. is still on the lookout for more qualified candidates to fill in the demand for their Executive Aide De Camp positions.

Successful applicants will have the chance to pursue a career opportunity like no other, working side-by-side with top industry icons and personalities as their personal protector, personal assistant, and their business right-hand man.

If you think you have the brains and brawn needed for the job, send in your application now through this link.

Stay tuned to myStarjob.com to read more exciting news about the Executive Aide De Camp positions. Coming up next, we sit with some of the EADC shortlisted candidates to get their perspective!