5 subtle practices that will improve your charisma

Whether it’s your first week at work or you’re eager to make a good impression with your client, in the end, we all want to know that we are likeable. While we are unable to bless you with mind-reading powers, here are some quick tips that will get things pointing your way in terms of likeability.

Small talk

Initiating small talk at the right moments is a good way of getting to know others, and getting straight into their good books at that. Waiting for the elevator, for example, is a great time to ask “having a good week so far?” to the now ex-stranger next to you. Keep your statements light and effortless to reply to.

Let others speak

If there’s one thing you take away from this article, this should be it: people love to talk…about themselves. Encourage them to do so by asking them questions about themselves, no matter how irrelevant. Make sure you listen to the answers though - most people can spot ingenuity in a blink.

Using names

Even during casual talk, casually inject your listener’s names as you talk to them. It invokes a sense of importance, and people love to feel important. If you’re not good with remembering names, try making this a habit: when someone tells you their name for the first time, use it right away: “(insert name), it’s nice to meet you”.

Look eye to eye

Making eye contact both when you speak and when you are the listener, is a good way of engaging someone, and also showing them that they matter in your conversation. To ensure you don’t cross into the ‘creep’ zone, look away once in a while or shift your gaze between your listener’s left and right eye occasionally.

Give when you can, for no reason

Be generous when you can afford to. It might not necessarily mean covering the lunch bill, but small things like getting your colleague’s ‘teh o ais’, or sharing some of your home-baked cookies (everybody loves cookies) will earn you brownie points with them – something even money can’t buy.

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