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Taking a moment for silent reflection

Question: Everyone knows that I am a guy in the ‘fast lane’ who is always working in top speed. When working on something, I do not waste time, finishing my tasks as fast as possible.

This applies to everything I do in both my personal and work life.

But the sad truth is, few of my subordinates can keep up with the speed. I am now beginning to see the tolls of my work style; people are not happy and often the quality of results leaves much to be desired.

I am unhappy too with the situation that I am facing now. Should I change my ways? If not, what else can I do?

Answer: I really wonder whether in your hurried way of life you are giving space to yourself to breathe, rest, and reflect.

Even marathon runners are known to slow down at the right moments in order to win the race. You are no different. It applies to everyone - to you and the people around you.

The concept of ‘silencing’ is giving space and personal time to yourself to think and feel about what you have done so far, while keeping sight of your goals.

When you can do this you will become definitely more empathetic, giving yourself time to reflect on the quality of your ideas and actions, the people affected by your behaviour, and what improvements you can make and so forth.

The beauty about doing this is that you also allow others to have their personal time to reflect on their own ideas and actions. So, it is really a win-win for all parties with everyone gaining higher self-awareness, which would ultimately lead to greater success, happiness and fulfillment.

Powerful Questions You Can Ask Yourself:

• When you total up your gains and losses, what does it show for being on the fast lane?

• What makes the results as such?

• What do you learn from here?

• What is the way forward now?

Article by Dr Michael Heah, an ICF Master Certified Coach with