What does it take to be an elite bodyguard-cum-PA?

Chico Force Sdn Bhd, is one of the primary providers of security personnel in this nation. Having had a solid background in the field, the reputed company recruits, trains, and churns out qualified security personnel to cater to all levels of the industryís needs.

Recently however, Chico Force has embarked on a niche in the market, through their newly advertised position, the Executive Aide De Camp (EADC), which offers fresh graduates and the experienced alike a one-of-a-kind opportunity and skillset that is unique in Malaysia.

Upon successfully passing their careful screening process, candidates for the EADC position will then be put through an intensive paid training course. Here, they will learn a variety of skills, including soft skills, close combat skills, and even firearm handling. They will ultimately serve as a protector-cum-personal assistant to their elite principals, whom will consist of VIPs and high-flying, renowned corporate leaders.

It is their chance to serve in a unique position, while gaining access to the knowledge, wisdom, and professional networks that their principals offer with their lifestyle.

For most, this would be a venture into an unconventional career path, and a stepping stone to something great. But what exactly does the job of an EADC entail?

Here, we sit down with Niho Khoo , head of the EADC programme, to find out a little more about the responsibilities and life of an EADC.

This EADC is a very different kind of position. Some might not be very clear what to expect from this position. What do you have to say about that?

Actually this kind of job has been out there for a while. There have been ADCs around for the Sultans, royalty, ministers, and so on, but the ADCs were usually government use, and there wasnít any access to this service by civilians.

Overseas, they actually have bodyguards that function as EADCs. Other than being bodyguards, they are actually taking down notes and making sure that the principal goes from point A to point B with no faults, planning contingency plans, and trip itineraries. That is why abroad, the profession is highly noble and respected.

But over here, we are trying to change the mindsets by formalising the term. We make it accessible to business leaders. These business leaders are usually in their middle ages, ready to pass down their knowledge to the next generation. This is the huge bonus that we are trying to promote with this position.

This position holds a lot of responsibility on one person. How do you assess if this person is mature enough for the position or not?

Well, these EADCs will be trained in a way where they will learn management skills, human resource skills, and so on. At the end of the nine-month training, these guys will be assessed, and this is when we see their maturity on display.

They would be given a time frame to come up with a report, and in this report we are able to see their maturity level in the form of their decision-making skills, crisis management, and so on, and from there we can slowly assess them.

Firearm training would be part and parcel of the whole EADC programme. Firearm training would be part and parcel of the whole EADC programme.

Will the EADCs need to follow their principals around 24/7? Will they need to stay with their principal?

It depends on what the principal wants. If the principal says ďOkay, today youíll follow me from A to ZĒ, the EADC will have to follow him. But in another occasion, the principal might want the EADC to stand in for the company when he canít be there. It all depends on what the principal wants.

So the EADC actually has the privilege of overseeing the staff and management on behalf of the principal, like an extended arm of the principal. As for accommodation, again, it all depends on the principal.

We have to match the needs and the wants of the principal with the needs and the wants of the EADC. We canít be one sided, as the EADCs are the elite, and they need to be comfortable to a certain extent too.

So, they are still able to have a social life?

I donít see why not. As long as they have time management, their social life should not be forgotten. Also bear in mind that part of their social life would be mirroring their principalís social life as well.

The EADCs will eventually have to serve their principal for five years. Whatís next? What kinds of opportunities await them as they exit the programme?

Well, we know that everyone has some sort of goal in life. So, this is like a springboard. Weíve given them the avenue to learn from the most successful and the most experienced.

The principal will become so close to the EADC, that he or she will have access to his network, his knowledge, and whatever else he has to offer. The EADC has to take this opportunity as an advantage, and think for him or herself, what their goals are after these five years.

If they want to start a business, they have to build their network and maturity. There is a high chance that they will be working as top management as well. Whether in our company, Nation Arms Sdn Bhd if it is suitable, or maybe in the principalís company if the principal has taken a liking to him or her.

They will get opportunities like that, but it all depends on the EADC.

These EADCs will be training for nine months with a salary. What happens if after nine months this person proves unfit to be an EADC?

Well, there is always a chance for that to happen. If after extending the training, this person still proves to be unfit, we will try to find alternatives for him or her.

It is basically like doing a degree. For example, after a year or two of studying engineering, you find that this line is simply not cut out for you and you drop out. Then, you wonít be graduating. It is the same principal here, except it is only for nine months.

Either way, there would not be a loss to the EADC as they would have learnt a lot of new skills and had unique opportunities that would have made it a valuable experience.


Does this job sound fascinating to you? Chico Force Sdn Bhd is still on the lookout for more qualified candidates to fill in the demand for their Executive Aide De Camp positions.

Successful applicants will have the chance to pursue a career opportunity like no other, working side-by-side with top industry icons and personalities as their personal protector, personal assistant, and their business right-hand man.

If you think you have the brains and brawn needed for the job, send in your application now through this link.

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