Cool offices: A stylish startup

If you think that only large and multinational organisations are enthusiastic about creating a friendly workplace, then think again.

This time, our search for swanky offices led us to SaltyCustoms, a custom t-shirt startup established just five years ago.

SaltyCustoms is a small enterprise making a big difference in the customised apparel industry. While their t-shirt designs may be snazzy, they’ve also taken time to incorporate that same stylish vibe into their workplace environment.

Located in Kelana Square is their office called The Academy, which was designed with their young, energetic, and vibrant employees in mind.

The display area for their assorted styles of SaltyCustoms customisable t-shirts.

The culture and workplace of SaltyCustoms

Being a relatively small team means that the culture at Salty Customs is a close-knit one.

“We focus on two aspects of growth, personal growth and professional growth,” says founder and managing director Quah Nian King.

“Employees that display good potential will be given the opportunity to work with our professional business team coach that could help elevate their being and expand their minds.”

SaltyCustoms founders Shannon Toh (left) and Quah Nian King (right)

On top of being close-knit, the team at SaltyCustoms are always focusing on the positive, with a can-do attitude that constantly challenges the thinking of its employees to reach their full potential.

The meeting area in SaltyCustoms is adorned with bright designs, glass walls which doubles as a writing board.

A “Wall of Happyness” is featured in the office where the team writes appreciative and encouraging messages to each other, complimenting colleagues for their achievements – however small or big. Jamming sessions are held after hours every now and then to unwind and de-stress, and everyone is invited.

“We're always encouraged to learn new things, challenge the status quo and step out of our comfort zones. It's exciting and scary all at once,” says Michelle Chua, a graphic designer at SaltyCustoms.

When they aren’t out and about for business, SaltyCustoms employees work from a chic urbanite office that conveys their brand of creativity.

This chill-out room has everything employees need to unwind.

A recreational room dedicated for the employees who wish to have some R&R is filled with comfortable beanbags, magazines, a TV, and guitars to jam with should the need arises.

And should you ever feel a thirst pang while serving your duties, SaltyCustoms serves free drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic alike for its employees to indulge in.

The pantry is not just all looks. Stocked up in the fridge are all sorts of beverages for SaltyCustoms employees to enjoy.

Apart from those perks, team outings and social outings are highly encouraged and regularly organised for the employees. Networking events and outing are made compulsory by the management, in which employees are to participate once a month to expand their network.

“One of my favourite mottos of the company would be be passionate and stay committed,” says Chua. It's true what they say – if you love what you do, you'll never have to work another day in your life.

“There will always be that constant hunger to want to improve yourself and grow,”

SaltyCustoms is hiring!

Impressed by their working environment? We have good news: SaltyCustoms is hiring! Check out their vacancies below:

Production Executive

Apparel Consultant


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