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Top 10 ways to spruce up your office

Live it up at work with these simple tips

The average person spends 2,200 hours a year at work according to Federal Reserve Economic Data. Whilst the number might vary regionally, itís highly likely that you probably spend more time at work than at home (with the exception of those working from home).

Hence, itís essential for us to create a conducive and energised working environment.

This has surfaced to the forefront of many organisational discussions in recent times. Employers have realised that a lively environment makes for happy employees, which increases productivity, which in turn reaps greater revenue.

The question is: how can you create such an environment? Try these 10 tips!

1 Colour Pop

Recent studies have revealed that colour can have a large impact on employee well-being and creativity at work. The findings suggest participants scored 20% higher on creativity tests in a green environment, yellow promoted a livelier and more social environment, while brainstorming in blue surroundings produced twice as many solutions compared to red.

However, if repainting the whole office seems expensive or presents an overkill of colour, some bright office accessories like yellow stationery or green carpets will suffice.

2 Let there be light!

Exposure to sunlight increases the brainís release of a neurotransmitter called serotoninóassociated with increased happiness and overall well-being.

Dim lighting tricks the brain into producing another hormone called melatonin. This hormone is responsible for causing sleepiness. While itís a great hormone at night to make you feel drowsy and relaxed, it does make concentration and productivity during the day much harder!

If natural light isnít an option at your office, using light fixtures with adjustable filters will do the trick too.

3 Home Sweet Office

Hereís the thing: employees need a workspace away from home to maintain that all-important work-life balance, but that doesnít mean work has to be sterile and dull. Offices and workspaces can be made cosy and homely with art pieces, rugs, bean bags and throw pillows.

When people feel comfortable in their surroundings, they will be at ease to express their full potential.

4 Flora

Plants will add beauty to your workspace or the whole office and will be a breath of life in your concrete jungle. Be sure to pick plants that are low-maintenance and to keep the leaves trimmed so that they donít make your desk look cluttered.

Bonus: Some plants are also believed to bring good luck to your careerólucky bamboo, the money plant and the snake plantóto name a few. Bring in some plants and see your career grow!

5 One fun day

Allocate time to incorporate employee-led activities to bond as a company. Include events like monthly birthday celebrations and other activities like company lunches, ice breakers or even company fitness routines, to name a few.

The event could take place midweek to break up the monotony of the week and be used to appreciate employees for their hard work, while improving company culture and morale.

6 De-clutter

When you have to push things aside to find a clear spot, you know it is time to tackle the desktop clutter. Before jumping into this project and tossing everything in sight, take a step back and decide what to keep and what to do with the items.

Create stations and areas for everything you need so itís easy to find. De-cluttering helps ease your tension visually by creating a calming, organised environment and eliminating eyesores. A cluttered desk creates a cluttered mind.

7 Scents

Pleasant odours have been found to improve memory performance. An article by Apartment Therapy stated that these five scents can help boost productivity: cinnamon, mint, lemon, orange and rosemary. You can introduce these scents with strategically placed candles, oil burners and diffusers.

8 Open-office plan

An open-office seating plan encourages cross-pollination of ideas, as well as camaraderie between employees, by creating an amiable and creative environment. Additionally, more departments can work together on the same floor, and that makes collaboration much easier.

9 Music matters

Background music at a moderate volume improves concentration. Mid-tempo music with subtle melodies works well too.

Allow your employees to listen to music (as long as theyíre not talking to customers; it also depends on the nature of your industry) while they work to lift their spirits. Alternatively, crowdsource playlists or let employees take turns to deejay!

10 Snacks

Many offices offer coffee and biscuits to their employees. Why not offer some healthy snacks as well? Fruits, vegetables and nuts are great options. These healthy snacks provide a great midday boost to the brainóimproving mood and productivity.

If these healthy snacks are easily available, your team will be more likely to stay at work to eat healthy rather than wander the shops in the vicinity looking for unhealthy food items to energise them.

Theyíll even appreciate them as an added benefit that sets their workplace apart from the rest.

Personal dream: In-house barista to hand me a cup of coffee in the morning because I donít know how anyone can get through the day without it!

With that, do coyly share this article with your boss with a cheeky smile on your face!

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