Getting The Job

5 Interview Mistakes By Jobseeker

Itís almost end of the year, and some of us already start thinking of a better opportunity. The dream of having the job we love is nice, however, to ace the interview and to stand out from the crowd it isnít that easy.

Job interview can be nerve-wrecking, when the interviewer judge you not only on your resume but your character too. Regardless how perfect your resume is, your interview session still will be the ultimate result whether you going to be hired, or try harder next time.

Below are some common mistakes candidates often overlooked during job interview. If you want to ace that interview, you might want to avoid making these mistakes. Prevention is always better than cure, right?

1. Arriving late

Always be prepared! Check out the route to the venue the night before and wake up earlier to avoid jam and unexpected traffic delay. Punctuality matters and most recruiters reject candidates who arrive late. Being on time not only can give you some time to breath and get ready for the interview, itís also shows your respect for the recruiters time. It best to arrive 15 minutes early and if there were some emergency, please call the interviewer and let them know as soon as you can.

2. Unclear details in CV/ Resume

Iíve visited some of the Universities and Colleges for couple of years now. One of the activities is the resume check. Sadly, most of our fresh-grads doesn't really proof read and they donít take ownership of their own resume. It is really bad. Donít assume that the interviewers won't ask you in detail about your resume. Itís best if you write your own resume, and never ever pay the other party to do it. You have to be comfortable and stay truthful to talk about all those things youíve input in your resume, even if it's imperfect

3. Lying

No matter how bad you need the job, never do this. Most of the recruiter can easily detect if you are lying, so please donít. It wonít work. ĎIf you tell the truth, you never have to remember anythingí- Mark Twain. If youíve been offered the job, and your lies get caught, the impact can be long-lasting.

4. Unprepared

Again, get to know your resume because I'm certain that the recruiters will definitely probe more. Understand the qualification and job scope of the job youíve applied for, so that it is easier to demonstrate that you have what they needed. Do some research about the company youíre applying and you need to know some of the facts about the organisation to impress them and to show that youíre qualified to be hired for their organisation. Remember to bring all the documentís needed. All these will definitely increase your confidence during interview.

5. Badmouthing ex-employers

The answer to the question Ďwhy do you want to leave your current company?í is not meant for you to speak negatively about your previous company. This is one of the tricky interview question during interview,please avoid negativity when answering it. Complain about your current/ previous employers during your job interview is a BIG NO NO, no matter how tempting it is. It can be completely harmless, but it can be as disastrous. A person with your calibres would definitely find a positive reproach which gave you much better credits for you to land the job with a snap!

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