Getting The Job

Must-Have Skills for Fresh Graduates to Land a Dream Job

While your education is critical and your specialisation will determine the type of role and industry you work in, most employers will agree that is only the first step. Your soft skills, language fluency, and attitude can also set you apart as you strive to land your first job.

Skills Employers Look for in Fresh Graduates

A graduation certificate is not the only requirement employers look for these days. Here are the other skills that employers want but fresh graduates often lack.

1. Soft Skills

This includes behavioural performance such as teamwork, people skills, effective communication and proactivity. While you may have the technical knowledge to perform in your job, soft skills give you the competitive edge.

2. Language Fluency

You will notice job postings prefer candidates who are fluent in 2-3 languages. In Malaysia, this could be English, Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin. But if you have your eyes set on working for a Multinational Corporation (MNC), learning the language their operations are mostly conducted in could help you land that job.

3. Negotiating skills

There is no harm in learning how to negotiate as this can help you throughout any part of your career Ė whether itís negotiating for a higher pay, negotiating for the best price with a local vendor or supplier, or negotiating packages with an external agency. If you can demonstrate to your company that you can find ways to get the best deals while cutting costs, youíre a gem!

4. Digital content skills

These days, more and more companies are heading online. Itís no longer avoidable, most of our customers browse the internet daily. Learning skills that are relevant for present times such as HTML programming, search engine optimisation (SEO), Facebook advertising, Google advertising, and tools such as Google Analytics will serve you well.

5. Public speaking skills

Weíre not all comfortable with speaking in large groups, and thatís understood. But if you can find a way to work past your fears, this could serve you very well in the long term. Public speaking skills demonstrate you as a competent and approachable individual. If you can effectively communicate your message and vision clearly, your audience will buy in and you will find that they are more willing to work with you on any projects.

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