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Get Success With The Right Personal Branding

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Brands are an essential in our daily lives from the gadgets we used to the celebrities we followed. Yet there are many of us underestimated the importance of branding. Brand identity is whereby people can relate to your personal brand, company and ‘brand’. You will achieve great success with the right personal branding. However, should you fail to manage your brand, others will do it through their perception of you.

What is personal branding? Have you ever wondered how your friends, family members or colleagues perceived about you? Personal branding is fundamental for everyone. The relationship between personal branding and success is unique.

Having a strong positive personal brand will launch your career to a whole new level. You will be seen as someone outstanding, trusting, capable and most importantly, as a leader. This too will enhance your career opportunities during job hunting. In the meantime, personal branding is not just your overall image such as the way you dress, your hairstyle and grooming.

Each of us has a different personality, strength and weaknesses. By understanding yours, will give you an added advantage to your career path. Do you know there are 9 to 27 types of personalities? These are few of the personality types:

• A perfectionist - making sure everything is in order, neat and structured.

• The creator - loves drama, an individualist.

• An adventurer - fun, outgoing, spontaneous.

• An observer - analytical, good listener.

As every personality has its weaknesses, it's best to focus on enhancing those weaknesses. You’ll be surprise on how far you may go if you focus on your weaknesses instead of your strengths.

How can you use personal branding to elevate your career? Here are few ways in creating a strong and positive personal branding.

Be genuinely you

Personal branding is all about you - how you carry yourself, the way you speak, how you present yourself during interviews or presentations, the way you write your cover letter and resume. These add up to express the real you. Don't lose yourself during this process.


Nothing speaks better than flashing those beautiful smile. A smile can warm up a person and it's a great ice-breaker during any networking sessions, interview, meeting and etc.

Your credibility

People will be curious about what you can do. Managed your social media, contents, profile image in a way to reflect what you do. Your actions speak louder than words.

Profile image

Make sure you have an updated version of your profile image in both hard and soft copy. Would you want to send a picture of yourself in pajamas to your interviewers? Get a professionally done photoshoot as this is YOUR branding! This is one of the elements that both individuals and companies must invest in.

Resume or personal profile

To enhance your career, you need to have a resume or personal profile. Even you are a professional entrepreneur, employee or a job seeker, your written resume and profile will give a glimpse to your target audience on what you have done and what can you do. It also showcases on how you write, the tone of your 'voice' and professionalism.

In the end, personal branding is just as important as any brands. Building and maintaining a brand is a long-term process and should not be done half-heartedly. Having a strong brand not only enhances your success, but opportunities will come knocking.

Melissa Chan is the editor for, an entrepreneur and lifestyles news.