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Freelance Platforms that will help you earn in US dollars

Tired of the corporate life? If you are looking for a different way to earn your living, then freelance platforms might be just the thing for you. Freelance platforms allow freelancers to connect with a global audience. For example, you could be a writer in Iceland, working for a newspaper in Brazil, or you could be a coder in Thailand working on projects for a US company. Joining a freelance platform is a great way to find customers and expand your network. Even if you donít have a particular skillset, you can quickly upskill yourself or get familiar with skills that are required in the digital era.

There are a lot of freelance platforms out there, and not all might be suited for beginners. To help you out, we have listed the top 10 online freelance platforms for beginners. Check it out!


For experienced and talented freelancers. If you can pass the screening process, you will be eligible for higher quality projects with big clients. This freelance platform is very exclusive with only 3% of applicants passing the screening process.


A lot more accessible than Toptotal, Fiverr is an online marketplace for business related services that allows you to sell your expertise in several categories. Fiverr generally takes 20% of the top of any payment you receive.


A way for people to run their own online freelance business. You can sign up for FREE, set up your profile and start applying for freelance jobs. Clients can then assess your proposals and pick the best freelancer for them.


The go-to platform for freelancers who are just starting out. Featuring thousands of different projects, freelancers can also join competitions with other freelancers and improve their skills.


A bit different from other platforms, Guru allows you to showcase your finished projects and experiences, and sets you up with daily job recommendations to help you find the right jobs to apply for.

A freelancing platform that uses an intelligent matching engine to analyse your skills, experiences and personality and then matches you with the jobs that have the highest probability of job success.


The only platform in this list that does not charge you with a fee for every job completed. However, you do need to sign up for a membership.


A platform specifically designed to connect programmers with companies that have coding jobs.


A design focused platform that allows designers to take part in design competitions. Only the winning design gets paid eventually.


A freelance platform that focuses on online projects. Typical projects include jobs in web development, SEO optimisation, design or other related topics.

Some skill sets are valued higher than others, check out the highest starting salaries per job category. However, donít expect this kind of payday when you are just starting out as a freelancer. Because freelance platforms are global platforms, you will be competing for jobs with people from all over the world, which can cause an oversupply of labour on these platforms. However, if you can differentiate yourself as a high-quality reliable freelancer, you can grow your business.

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