Getting The Job

How to evaluate your prospective employer?

If you are a fresh graduate looking for your first job, or an entry-level executive searching for a change of career, you should know that the screening and selection process is not just carried out by an employer. You can choose the kind of employer you want to work for and the type of work environment you want to work in.

A fresh graduate can nail a high starting salaried job if they can ‘sell’ themselves well during an interview. But not many know that it is just as important for the job seekers to evaluate their prospective employers because it will determine their career path, productivity and also future.

To help you get the basics of evaluating an employer with quality, here is what you need to know.

1. Is the salary offered on par with or above market average?

Though money does not buy us everything, if you are not getting paid for what you deserve (or at least similar to your peers), you should reconsider your options. There are many jobs offering relatively higher starting salaries across industries and you just might land yourself one if you know where to look.

2. Does the company offer a comprehensive benefits package?

While different companies may offer various benefit packages, it is at the very least that your prospective employer should have one in the first place. Here is what a basic employee assistance and benefits package looks like: employee’s and employer’s contribution into Employee Provident Funds (EPF), medical allowance (or insurance), minimum 12 days of annual leave, medical leave (and other paid time off), and overtime allowance (if applicable).

3. You can get reviews from your peers and social media platforms

Just like buying a product or renting a house, you can ask for second opinions from someone who used to work with your future employer. He or she can be your friends, family members or even your colleagues. Take the next step to learn about your future employer through social media such as Facebook and Linkedin. You can have a better feel of what they do to appreciate their employees through their postings.

4. Does the interviewer explain the job description and understand your demand for the job clearly?

During the long interview process, you should be alert and notice if your future employer explains the job in full detail to you. Don’t be afraid to ask all kinds of questions as it shows your interest to be committed. Even the smallest details matter. What does the company offer to help you up-skill and what is the career enhancement structure like in the company? These are questions that show if the company is sincere in employing talents and its intention to grow their talent along with the company’s bottom line.

5. Does the office have a positive culture?

It may be weird to ask this straight up with your future employer so maybe you can tweak the question and ask, what is the working environment like? How is everyone especially the team I will be working with like? Do they actively engage each other and are they willing to help out? Don’t stop yourself from asking the right questions and doing the right research to get yourself work with the right employer!

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