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Ease Your Mind For A Boost In Productivity

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Juggling between career, family and me time can be tough. With our current lifestyle, many of us would be:

- Eating at irregular times.
- Skipping meals.
- Sleep deprived.
- Not exercising.
- Stress and demotivated.

We will lose our productivity with a clouded mind. Noises from our environment will disrupt our mind. Getting occupied with things beyond our control will drain our energy and stress us out. As we are immersed in our busy schedule, it's easy for us to lose our focus.

Multi-tasking is a myth!

Forget about multi-tasking now! Successful individuals only focus on one task at a time. Allocate your time management for each task, complete those tasks which are your least favourite and enjoy doing what you like best in the end. Never be afraid to ask for help. Delegating petty tasks will improve your productivity so you can focus on the important task(s). Multi-tasking tends to drain your energy faster as it requires double or triple effort.

Go according to your own pace

Find a schedule and timeline that you are comfortable with. Plan your work or project within your pace. This will give you confidence, patience, and in-depth on how you may achieve it. Indirectly, you will be able to forecast how many tasks you may complete within a time frame.

Get enough sunshine!

Though there are no wishing wells or magic mirrors to grant you a peaceful mind. However, there is always the sun. Sunlight helps our brain to release serotonin. This hormone keeps us calm, focused and increases our mood. Go for lunches, have a short walk in the evenings, or just enjoy the morning sun while you grab breakfast.

Go for breaks

Going for breaks does not mean travelling. Take time off and do what makes you happy. Simple things which may trigger you with a happy moment or thoughts will energise you, such as:

- Watching a movie.
- Drawing or colouring.
- Reading your favourite book, comics, articles or motivational quotes.
- Listening to music.
- Get moving like dancing or exercising.
- Meditate or be alone in a quiet place.
- Just do nothing and let your mind go blank.

Few moments from doing these will improve your mood. Just a mere 10 to 20 minutes will work wonders!

It's good too for your to get up and walk around or stretch after 45 minutes to an hour of sitting. Sitting too long will cause your metabolism rate to drop. Hence, making you sluggish, tired, and linked up to many health related problems like shoulder, neck, and lower back pain.

Snack away for better productivity

Don't get the wrong idea of snacking something sinful. Keep some snacks like nuts, dried or fresh fruits, yoghurt, or cereal. Almonds, walnuts, pistachios, Brazil and macadamia nuts are loaded with good fats, protein, magnesium and iron for a boost of energy.

Mix up your nuts with fresh fruits (preferably) as dried ones may have high sugar content. If not, yoghurt and cereal is goo as well but check out on their sugar level. These healthy snacks will give you the energy to last through the day.

Get motivated

To find motivation and inspiration is easier than you've thought! If you are lost, just give yourself a breather and read motivational quotes or watch cartoons. Many cartoons are filled with great quotes which will give you a boost in motivation. Let loose those feel good hormones! You'll never know when a great is going to give you an inspiration and ideas to complete or start a project.

Melissa Chan is the editor for, an entrepreneur and lifestyles news.