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Another Resolution to Drive You for the New Year

Itís the time of the year, again. The first thought on most peopleís mind will be their new yearís resolutions. Many of us will be planning our resolutions, however, how many of these resolutions did we actually fulfill and kept?

Preparing a list of resolutions is easy; keeping them is what sets you apart. Maintaining your resolutions does not have to be daunting. Regardless you are planning to lose weight, start a new hobby, complete reading that book of yours, pursue a new interest or job; there is a way to complete your each of these resolutions.

Moreover, you would not want to be stressed out during the holidays, right?

Small Baby Steps

Prepare a small, realistic plan which you may execute at your own pace, easy to achieve your goals. Yes, you had heard this many times, but itís one of the best winning formulas. Never underestimate your small baby step plans as you may manage them smoothly.

Writing It Down

Once you have a plan, make sure you write it down. It defeats the purpose for you to plan out your resolutions but forgotten to pen it down. Writing down your plans make you remember them better. From here, you may monitor on your daily, weekly and monthly progress. This helps to boost your motivational level too, as youíll feel great knowing you have accomplished certain goals.

By year-end, you may compare your yearly achievements. What works, and what donít.

Motivate Yourself With Positivity

Like it or not, we will feel demotivated, stresses out, being lazy and procrastinate. Clear your thoughts for few minutes before you start your day. Break down your task into smaller segments so itís easier for you to follow through. Try achieving your resolutions without being stressed out. This is another achievement for you!

Daily Reminder

Remember that you need to pen down your goals? Every step you have taken, every accomplishment you had achieved, act as a great reminder to you. This will be your greatest inspiration! These accomplished goals will inspire you to keep the rest of your resolutions.

Enjoying Your Moments

Regardless how you have achieved your resolutions, itís important that you enjoy your journey. Experiencing the entire journey of your accomplishment will give you a better sense of appreciation for your goals. Whether the journey is difficult or smooth, learn along the way and make every experience counts.

If you could not achieve few of your goals, donít worry. Try again, and practice till you ace it!

Stay Firm, Dedicated and Discipline

While trying to accomplish your resolutions, you will face many challenges in trying to solve or achieve it. The urge of giving up your journey and goals is there. You need to have a strong, firm and discipline to carry on. This is where many people fail as they tend to give up too early along their journey. Stay focus and fight until the end!

Feel the excitement when you have achieved your first 2018 resolution. To achieve the next few ones, will be easier and youíll be motivated to challenge yourself further. The drawback is always ourselves. Before we could start our journey, we tend to give up and think that we will never achieve it.

So, stay positive and be firm!

Melissa Chan is the editor for, an entrepreneur and lifestyles news.