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Lack of diversity in the adtech industry—nerdy or trendy?

Technology has shaped the media industry as a whole in this new era. Facebook, Instagram, and Lazada have all transformed from social media and e-commerce to adtech to help businesses meet their goals. As the industry evolves, there are increasing career opportunities out there for people with expertise in data science, big data analytics, product development and market research to fill the gap in skillsets.

Technology is evolving fast. If a person would like to grow personally and professionally in this industry, the individual needs to constantly invest in their knowledge to keep up with the technological changes. Adtech especially, is a very dynamic industry that requires people from different demographics to complement each other in strengths and weaknesses to provide world-class adtech solution to customers.

However, the ‘nerdy’ image of technology might put off some women pursuing a career in the adtech industry. There are plenty of amazing opportunities in the adtech field, and diversity definitely adds flavour to creative advertising, especially advertisements targeting women and children. It would be such a terrible waste. Exceptional female engineers, data scientists and commercial strategists are highly sought-after in adtech, and the need for these skills is ever-increasing.

Workforce Diversity
Why is diversity so important in adtech? Every marketer knows how important it is to collect data and use it to inform strategies and analyse performance. But the collection and parsing of data is only one side of the marketing equation. If the data isn’t being leveraged effectively, the value of accumulating it is negligible. Data, when effectively and creatively analysed, makes it possible for marketers to achieve not only greater insights into their customers and potential customers, but also to move more fluidly from insight to engagement and to retention. Every action and decision is data-driven; it is by default aligned with customer-centricity. Diversity helps by increasing creativity, bringing in different ideas, and better serves clients and the customer base.

Women in the adtech industry
The most common challenge women face in adtech is the perception that women and tech don’t go together–that women don’t have the same tech capabilities as men. In an environment that is dominated by men, women need to position themselves by bringing certain capabilities to the table whether they be financial or technological. There are many highly successful women in adtech. Monica Ho, Chief Marketing Officer at xAd, Nicolle Pangis, Chief Operating Officer at [m]Platform, Susan Wojcicki, Chief Executive Officer at YouTube, Carolyn Everson, Vice President of Global Marketing Solutions at Facebook are a few well-known names in adtech around the globe, to name a few. Sabrina Schmidt, Market Director NL & IE at AppNexus recently said, “At the start of the tech wave, it did seem to be harder for women to enter the field or to get involved, but that has definitely changed in the meantime. We’re now seeing many high-level professional, leading and visionary women in the tech industry. There are special events, awards and associations for women in tech, which also have the support of many men in the industry. Some companies, including AppNexus, started initiatives to increase the female ratio in their leadership teams to support diversity.”

That said, being a woman in the male-dominated adtech industry is not smooth sailing, and there are 5 key actions women can take to encourage gender equity:

1. Don’t assume that all men are equal. It is important to find champions within your organisation who understand the value of a diverse workforce.

2. Take charge of your career. Inform your superior of your needs and career aspirations.

3. Make a statement if you have great ideas or opinions. Bring up your ideas to the right people in the organisation and your voice will be heard.

4. Value the perspective you bring as a woman. The reason organisations are striving for diversity in their workforces is because of the strengths everyone brings to the table.

5. Know your worth and negotiate accordingly. Being assertive is a strength in business. Challenge the status quo and bring creativity and innovation to the company.

Cosmic Media–Adtech firm in Malaysia
Adtech is a fast growing industry, and gender diversity is most welcomed to make adtech an inspiring industry. Cosmic Media, a Malaysia based adtech firm, supports diversity and inclusion in furnishing innovative advertising solutions that specialise in small format digital visual communications. Follow us to know more about our extraordinary working philosophy and updates on the adtech industry.