Frequently Asked Questions
General Questions
answer1img What is leverages on The Star media group's integrated media platform to provide cross media recruitment services that include double exposure for job listings in The Star as well as online, Visume (video resumes, pre-screening questions and live chat interviews), as well as a Career Guide that appears in print and online.

With, employers are able to post jobs online; view online resumes and search for candidates easily using our user friendly online features. also covers a full range of employment types which include full time, part time, freelance and flexi work arrangements from local and international companies.
answer1img Can I advertise online ( and in both print (The Star newspaper)?
Yes, you are encouraged to advertise in both print and online to capture a larger pool of candidates to apply for the vacancies. However, the advertising rates for print and online will differ from time to time.

When you buy a print recruitment ad in The Star, your available job positions will be posted on, for free, within 3 (THREE) working days after date of publication. These positions will be online on for 30 (THIRTY) days. You will be provided login details to your employer's account via the email address you provided in the print advertisement, after which you may start viewing the applicants who have applied for your positions via

For any enquiries, please email us at or contact us at 603-7967 1308.
answer1img I am only looking for Classifieds online / Newspaper advertisements with The Star Media Group. Can I contact
Kindly note that only handles the print and online advertisements. You can contact us at 603-7967 1308.

For classifieds, please call 603-79668200.

Registration/Logging in
answer1img How do I register as an employer with
Go to and click on the "Employers" tab located at the right hand corner of the page. You will see a "Create new account" link. Click on that and fill out the necessary details to create your employer login name and password.
answer1img Is there a registration fee for employers?
No registration fee is required. We will only charge when you purchase a package for job posting.
answer1img I get an error message every time I try to log in.
Make sure you are logging in under the Employers tab and not the Jobseekers tab, as your login will only be accepted by the correct tab.

If the error persists, please email us at
answer1img I have registered some time ago but I can't remember my password, what should I do?
Please click on the Employers tab and look for "Forgotten Password". You will be directed to Enter your email address to retrieve your password. If you have forgotten your email address please contact our Customer Service personnel at 603-7967 1308 or email us at
answer1img How do I change my password?
Login to your account, click on Account and then Company Admin on the left bar; look for Edit Contact to edit your password. You are not allowed to change your username and email ID.
answer1img My Company has so many departments and this advertisement is meant only for my HR department, can I create a new account?
Good news, we also have a feature where you can assign 1 admin user in your company (maybe the first user or HR staff) and you can create as many departments with totally different passwords and user IDs. By doing this only the relevant admins can view all the positions entered but the rest of the departments are only able to view theirs.

answer1img How much does it cost to post a job position on
For information on the latest job posting packages, kindly contact our Customer Service personnel at 603-7967 1308 or email us at
answer1img How long will my positions be advertised online?
All positions will be published for a period of 30 days on
answer1img Will be offering any promotion for prospective employers or recruitment agencies? will have various promotional packages on offer from time to time for prospective employers and recruitment agencies. Kindly contact any of our Customer Service personnel at 603-7967 1308 or email us at
answer1img How do I pay for the job posting? offers convenient payment methods which do not requires any walk-ins. You can opt to pay online using any of these 3 options below:
  • Online banking
  • Credit cards (Visa/ Master)
  • Cheque/Cash (bank-in)

Job Posting/ Publishing
answer1img How do I post a job position?
All you have to do is:
  1. Login by using your user ID/email and password (for existing employers only, but if you are a new employer please complete the registration process first before proceeding to Step 2)
  2. Click on Post a Job and select the type of position.
  3. Please enter all the details required, from job details to settings. Bear in mind, only information entered under Job Description can be viewed by all jobseekers.
  4. You may preview and save your position before publishing it.
  5. Once you have bought a package you may proceed to publish your position on your preferred date. Your position will be reviewed & approved by our customer service as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you can also contact any of our Customer Service personnel at 603-7967 1308 or email us at if you require immediate assistance.
answer1img Can I edit or make any changes after I post the position online?
Editing is allowed before you click publish. There is an option to save your position before you publish it. However, should you need to make any amendments to the vacancies after publishing, you are advised to contact our Customer Service personnel at 603-7967 1308 or email us at to avoid any overriding or duplication of vacancies.
answer1img Can I attach my company logo to the job posting?
Definitely. To do this, in Overview, just look for this symbol Edit Contact on the top right and edit your company profile or upload your company logo in GIF, JPG, JPEG or PNG format.
answer1img Can I customize the template design as I have a corporate identity which I need to adhere to?
If you wish to have a customized look, you can opt for the Microsite which gives you more freedom to redesign the layout. For more information about the Microsite, please contact our Customer Service personnel at 603-7967 1308 or email us at
answer1img Will the vacancies be published immediately after I have remitted the payment online?
The job vacancies will only appear online after the Customer Service personnel has verified and approved the vacancy within 2 working days based on the authenticity of the job. Any vacancy that does not contain a job title will be considered as spam.
answer1img I would like to post a job but I do not want to disclose my company name and profile. What should I do?
Please click Account, look for Company Info and then click on the Edit Contact symbol for editing. You will see a dropdown menu to select and hide your company name and profile from public view.
answer1img I have already found my candidate; can I close my position before the 30 days are up?
You can close your position anytime by clicking "Position Listing" on your left hand side, clicking "Summary" and click on the close button to end an online vacancy advertisement.
answer1img How is the job matching done?
For fresh graduates, full time and part time jobs will be matched according to their skills, education level and course of study. For those with working experience, the job matching will be done based on job skills, job field or industry, job level, education level and course of study. For freelance jobs, the matching will be done solely based on the type of job and field.
answer1img Am I still able to retrieve the resumes after the publishing period?
You can view all your applicants' resumes even after the publishing period.
answer1img When I check on my job position, I can see both the applicants and matched candidates columns. What is the difference?
As an employer, you can view both applicants' resumes as well as matched candidates. Applicants are the ones applying for your job positions. Matched candidates are the potential candidates from the database. You can also invite them to apply for your position(s) by clicking on the candidate's number and inviting them using the "Invite" button. The candidates will receive an email alert to apply for your position.
answer1img Do you accept job postings from advertisers overseas? accepts all job postings worldwide.
answer1img I would like to place a banner advertisement on to get more people to apply for the jobs. Is it possible?
Yes, you can opt for the banner advertisement to advertise your job vacancies by contacting our Customer Service personnel at 603-7967 1308 or email us at a
answer1img Does offer any customized job posting packages?
For customized packages kindly please contact our Customer Service personnel at 603-7967 1308 or email us at

Cancellation /Refund
answer1img Can I cancel my package after I have made payment?
In the event you opt to cancel your package without full utilisation of your package inventories, please email us at Refund is strictly prohibited. However, a refund may be allowed at the Company's sole discretion under exceptional circumstances, of which the Company will review on a case to case basis.
General Questions
answer1img Why should I sign up with
myStarjob offers a variety of new features such as a revamped web portal, Visume services, Career Guide articles online and trainings with an aim to become your ultimate career guide.

As a registered jobseeker, you will be able to personalise your job selection from a wide variety available on the website that matches your skills, interests and preferences, as well as conveniently apply for the jobs online.
answer1img How do I sign up as a member of
That's easy! Go to the main page (or any other pages) in and click on the "Jobseekers Sign-Up!" tab located at the top of the page, and then fill out the necessary details to create your account.
answer1img I am already a MyStar member; do I still have to register for a new account in
Please note that shares the same database as the MyStar membership. If you are already a MyStar member, you do not need to register your personal and contact details.
Just log in with your MyStar ID and complete your job skill details to ensure that you will be matched with the relevant jobs.
answer1img May I use this service if I do not wish to register?
Yes. You may use our "Job Search" function, where registration is not required. However, there are companies that only accept online resumes and applications.

Therefore, you are encouraged to register with us! Think about it, we can match you to jobs according to your preference automatically, eliminating the need to draft endless emails and attaching your resume to each one.
answer1img How many types of jobs are available on
There are a wide range of jobs available in categorised under full time, part-time, contract, internship and freelance jobs. However, please note that it is subject to availability.
answer1img How do I search and apply for jobs on
Once you are logged in to your account, search for the jobs you want by entering the position title or company name in the search field provided on the main page and clicking the job search button. You are also able to search by Keyword, Job Type, Job Level, Industry, Job Function or Country by clicking on the advanced search link.

If you wish to apply the job position, just click "Apply for this job" at the side of the job description page. You have an option to save the vacancy if you prefer to look around for more jobs that suits you. When you apply, your resume will be sent to the respective employer where they will contact you if you are shortlisted.
answer1img I don't have a resume. Can I create one in
Of course! At, we strive to make everything simpler for you. Simply log in and key in all the relevant information needed. Once you have completed the Summary section, just save it as .doc or .pdf format. You will be directed to a page where you can see your customised resume all ready for you to send to your potential employers.

You can also send a link of your personalised page by clicking on the Resume and then select "profile preferences" before putting your personalised name, e.g: sarahjane. The link will then look like this: This link enables others to view your profile just by typing it in their internet browser.
answer1img I have filled up all the details required but I can't submit because there is an error message.
Here are some tips to ensure there is no error in the form:
  • Please check that all the required details have been filled.
  • Do not leave your browser unattended for more than 10 minutes.
  • Try to minimise characters such as / @ #, &, if you intend to use them.
answer1img I cannot upload my resume; there is an error in my form?
You can upload it in either Word Doc or PDF format, but make sure the size does not exceed 350KB.
answer1img I have forgotten my user ID/ password. How do I retrieve this information?
Don't worry! Simply log on to and click on the "Jobseeker" tab. You will find "Forgot Password" at the login column. Click on it and please provide either your username or e-mail address.

An e-mail will then be sent to you to reset your password, and you will be required to set a new password by clicking to the link provided.
answer1img Can send me a daily alert?
Definitely! Just make sure that you pick your desired frequency, whether it's daily or weekly, from the job alerts section.
answer1img How extensive is the variety of jobs available in
We have a wide selection of job opportunities as all the jobs available in the print recruitment advertisement are now available on too.
answer1img How does the job matching feature works?
It runs from the distinctive match of each jobseeker's choice. Therefore, it is crucial for jobseekers to fill in the following in the Resume section for effective results:
  • Skills (maximum 5)
  • Employment history
  • Preference (Preferred Industry, Job Function and Location)
  • Education
answer1img How do I increase my chances for job application success?
There is a profile completion feature that lets users know how complete their profile is, in percentage form. It is determined through the completion of your preferences, referees, resume, photo and video fields.
A complete profile will definitely increase the chances of a prospective employer viewing and shortlisting you.
answer1img I have signed up as a member but I don't see any matching jobs. What's wrong?
Don't worry; check whether you have enough skills filled in and have completed your preferences section, which is crucial. By adding more to your skills and preferences, you are increasing your chances to get more job matches. Make sure you have more options in terms of your preferred job type, level, location, field and industry.
answer1img Can I hide my personal information from public view?
Yes you can! If you choose to hide your resume, please note that this means that employers will not be able to search for your resume UNLESS you apply for the jobs they have advertised.