Thrustmarine (Malaysia) Dredging Sdn Bhd

Based: Singapore

Posted on 6 Apr 2021

Job Description

- Responsible for the safe operation of their vessel and must ensure that it is operated and crewed according to both company and legal guidelines.
-Investigate any damage to the vessel, personal injuries of crew and the environmental effects of the vessel; this includes monitoring any pollution and checking for oil spills around the vessel and at ports and harbours. 
-Responsible for the interviewing and hiring of crewmembers and the allocation of living quarters and work shifts of all crew members.
-Maintain all on-board equipment, including machinery, engines and safety equipment with regular inspection.
-Navigate vessels using maps, radars and lights by the use of electronic devices and the following of contour lines.
-Monitor daily progress of the vessel, observing speed, engine pressure and water depths, and signalling any passing ships is a key part of a Ship or Boat Captain’s role.
-Adhere to any budgets and the purchasing and loading of fuel, supplies and equipment is your responsibility,
-Maintain full knowledge of the cargo carried by the vessel and answer any queries from customs officials.
-Conduct his crew in their tasks, monitoring the performance of licence and unlicensed crew.

Benefits :
- Meals provided
- Annual Leave given
- Medical Entitlement

Company Details

Thrustmarine (Malaysia) Dredging Sdn Bhd

No. 22 and 24, Jalan Wangsa Delima 6, Seksyen 5, Pusat Bandar Wangsa Maju

Wangsa Maju

53300 Federal Territory/Kuala Lumpur


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