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Based: Malaysia(Selangor)

Posted on 4 Jan 2022

Job Description

Arrange the daily work of mechanicians, including work schedule and work plan;
Organize the work of mechanicians, including planning maintenance, daily maintenance and installation of equipment and devices;
Ensure that the operation of the mechanical team is carried out in a safe manner to be in compliance with the company’s regulations on occupational safety, health and environmental protection;
Responsible for daily, monthly and annual performance assessment of mechanicians in the team;
Reports timely and accurately to his superior and is responsible for data accuracy;
Adhere to ethical principles of the profession and acting in accordance with company policies and procedures;
Performing other duties within their education at the request of the immediate superior;
Observing environmental measures and fire protection within the scope of his/her duties;
Participating in ensuring the functioning of the quality system in accordance with quality standards.

Manufacturing-Food Emulsifier