Game Product Manager

Shanghai Qiaomai Management Consulting Co., Ltd

Based: Philippines(Manila Metropolitan BGC)

Posted on 14 Nov 2023

Job Description

Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for writing game rules, functions, algorithms, and other documents, and completing relevant plans and requirements documents;
2. Responsible for cross departmental coordination and communication, promoting assistance to other departments in areas such as art, development,  testing, and operations;
3. Responsible for market research, collecting and analyzing the attributes of similar products in the market, conducting competitive analysis, and proposing rectification plans;
4. Responsible for product planning, business process design, functional design, product optimization, etc;

1. Familiar with Office operations, Axure, Mind manager, and other mind mapping and prototype design tools;
2. Research sites for numerical design and modeling; Ability to use AI software operators such as Mid journal for bonus points;
3. At least 3 years of gaming product experience, with at least 1 successful project product design experience
4. Language requirements: Chinese/Mandarin, English (required as working language)

Contact person: Tracy
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Company Details

Shanghai Qiaomai Management Consulting Co., Ltd

Shanghai Pudong New Area International Talent Port

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