Outlet Manager/ Outlet CEO


Based: Malaysia(Federal Territory/Kuala Lumpur)

Posted on 8 Nov 2017

Job Description

Who are we and why should you work here?

WORQ is a coworking space in Kuala Lumpur, backed by Cradle, 500 Startups, Space Matrix, and a few other private investors. Voted the Best Coworking Space of Malaysia by the Start Up Rice Bowl Awards 2017, covering up to 14,000 sqft and housing over 75 teams, we have been able to fuel collaborations on a scale never seen before in Malaysian startup history. And it's only the first of 70 outlets we'll be setting up all around Asia.

It's a massive dream, and we're working our asses off to fulfill it. We can't do it alone though - this is where you come in.

By joining us, you'd be part of the founding team, as we're still very early in our inception. This means you get to gain equity in addition to a generous salary package! You'll also be at the heart of the business and startup ecosystem in Asia, enabling you to make amazing connections to VCs, investors, governments, CEOs, and many more that you could never dream of while working in a traditional company.

Here's what you'll be doing:

Ultimately, this job boils down to one thing- ensuring that our outlet is at it's best. As a young startup, this is a critical position to fill, since you'll be the driving force behind our success or... failure.

You'll be in charge of WORQ's first outlet in Malaysia. From operations to execution, to make sure that we're able to hit maximum efficiency, which will fuel our expansion throughout South East Asia.

Daily operations, revenue of the outlet, maintenance and member satisfaction etc all fall under you. Don't worry, you won't be doing it alone!

You'll also be responsible for growing and managing your army of rock star front desk heroes and community managers. This will become a crucial part of your job as we expand beyond our borders.

To succeed in this role, you'll need to be able to:
  • Oversee operations of the outlet and come up with ideas that will help your team be even better
  • Manage any complaints and implement solutions
  • Analyze and resolve problems in a timely and accurate matter
  • Manage performance and sales of the outlet to make sure all our goals are met
  • Manage an amazing outlet team and work to establish a supportive and team-orientated environment

Bonus points if you have:
  • An entrepreneurial mindset
  • Managed an outlet team before
  • A wide network of SMEs and potential customers
  • Real estate experience, especially involving tenants (e.g. malls and office rentals)
  • A sharp mind and positive attitude

What you get in return


Continuously accumulate company shares for as long as you're working here, and see it magically multiply in value as we grow


We're funded by some of the biggest names in the industry - Cradle, Space Matrix, 500 Startups, to name a few - which means we can afford to pay very competitive salaries and commissions to high performers.


We're a startup who's building our own kick ass office - so we're literally the opposite of a traditional company. Over here, we wear whatever we want, from wherever we want - so long as we produce results. There's no politics at WORQ, just a super focus on teamwork and getting work done, even if it means working around the clock if necessary. If you're looking for a place to work hard, play hard, and be generously compensated for it, then we'd be a great fit.

Company Details


Unit 3A-01A, Level 3A, Glo Damansara No. 699, Jalan Damansara,

60000 Federal Territory/Kuala Lumpur


Our mission is simple. We want to change the way people work together for the better. We are creating the largest and most productive coworking community by taking care of all your workplace needs and facilitating deeper connection. Every inch of space we design, and every community event curated has this in mind.

Were proud to call ourselves a productivity community we believe that by improving the productivity of entrepreneurs, freelancers and businesses we can have a significant impact on the economy. On top of that, we believe in the power of leveraging networks, embracing diversity and most importantly, the impact of genuine and lasting human connection.

Productivity never looked this good!