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    Saturday, April 15, 2017

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    Be A Leader

    Common challenges of leaders, manager and doers

    I’ll bet money that no matter how great your job is, you have at least one gripe about your role that “others in the organisation will just never understand.”

    Career Advice

    Creating the engineer of success

    Leading a sporting team or managing any athlete is not an easy task. Not only can it be frustrating and exhausting, but it is, at times, fraught with danger.

    Be A Leader

    4 Leadership challenges to overcome once and for all

    If there’s one more thing to add to the list of things that will never go away (right next to death and taxes), it’s leadership challenges.

    Career Advice

    Why good companies create bad rules

    I'm staring at my expense check and I notice that it’s short by about US$4 – must have totalled up the wrong amount when I submitted my expense report.

    Be A Leader

    The power of leadership in sports

    A few weeks ago, I met up with an old student from the University of Bridgeport, where I played soccer in the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association). We talked about that one season when our team – the Purple Knights – had a winning season and almost reached the playoffs. And of course, the conversation drifted to the person who pushed us to our full potential: our coach Henrik Svatborn.

    Lead,not manage your team

    One of the best descriptions I’ve heard of leaders is that they focus on vision and strategy – guiding and removing obstacles for their teams, similar to a coach in sports. By contrast, managers typically focus more on execution, working in the business.

    Push to inspire: we're beings of purpose

    While this may sound counter-intuitive – being grateful for a condition like this – I have come to realise that being fragile has helped me discover my strengths and true potential in life.

    10 Habits of super likeable leaders

    If you want to be a leader whom people follow with absolute conviction, you must be a likeable leader. Tyrants and curmudgeons with brilliant vision can command a reluctant following for a time, but it never lasts. They burn people out before they ever get to see what anyone is truly capable of.