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    Saturday, June 24, 2017

    5 Things every new manager should know

    When I began my entrepreneurial journey, it was quite a scary thing. Running a business with a team of three people posed a heavy workload issue. I would like to share some of the thought processes that I have come to embrace to survive my leadership journey.

    Making the most of your team as a manager

    Team managers, whether they are newly-promoted or experienced, face the gruesome task of bringing a team together and getting the members to deliver to the best of their ability. Their role is to direct, coach, advise, mentor, and even discipline where necessary.

    Is there untapped potential within your organisation?

    With so many companies historically dedicating their strategies to a great business model, a unique selling point (USP) and market share, a new pattern has emerged in which organisations are paying more attention to recognising the value of their people.

    The world of social e-learning

    Agility and the ability to adapt are important to ensure that the workforce is equipped to handle changes. Itís more crucial now than ever that workplaces consider more collaborative ways of working, to find answers to questions that cannot be answered by individuals working in isolation.

    Make learning a habit

    Author Charles Duhigg in his fascinating book, The Power of Habit, relates a fascinating story of how a new consumer habit was created through the sheer brilliance of a man named Claude C. Hopkins.

    Change starts with acceptance

    Imagine waking up daily, fearful of what lies in store for you when you step out of your own house thatís located not in a war zone, but right here in Malaysia.

    4 Key strengths in women

    The role of a woman has always been multi-dimensional. While traditionally, women held the role homemakers as men acted as breadwinners, the scenario today has evolved, as more and more communities and leaders speak about redesigning policies that highlight gender equality, diversity and inclusivity.

    How to be an effective and engaging new manager

    CONGRATULATIONS! You have been promoted to manager. However, for some, this may not be a positive news or a desired upward career progression. Despite the well-remunerated managerial position and professional opportunities it promises, there are individuals who rather stay in their current role and prefer not to move up to managerial positions.