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    Saturday, January 13, 2018

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    Company & Talent

    High-quality learning in organisations

    I was once told by a university professor that, within a few years of graduating, studentsí qualifications are effectively obsolete. I thought that was quite a bold statement.

    Hard Talk

    Who will dominate the future of work? Specialists or generalists?

    It's a common debate that is gaining more traction as we move towards the future of work: should you be a generalist or a specialist? There are pros and cons to both answers, but the best solution might be right in the middle.

    Consulting Corner

    Surviving cancer

    My cancer came back in Oct 2016. The first occurence happened in May 2015, and it was like a walk in the park on a cloudy day.

    Hard Talk

    Future workforce management

    Traditional business methods try to woo customers through the rational ďneo cortexĒ part of the brain. Humans, however, are often unreasonable and irrational.

    Career & Industry

    The liquid workforce

    Because I have an unusual work history, a lot of people ask me how it is possible for start-ups to innovate so quickly while corporations canít. Since Iíve been employee No 150,000 at American Express and employee No 9 at, here is my point of view: organisations donít innovate, individuals do.

    Career Advice

    Are you engaged?

    In December 2013, Gallup researchers stunned the business world with the revelation that just three in 10 workers in the United States (US) are engaged in their jobs and willing to do all they can to help their bosses and organisations succeed.

    Be A Leader

    Learner leadership

    In todayís work environment, we are being flooded with change and never-ending to-do lists.

    Career Advice

    Donít be that guy

    No matter how talented you are or what youíve accomplished, there are certain behaviours that instantly change the way people see you and forever cast you in a negative light.