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    Saturday, July 22, 2017

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    Be A Leader

    Everything rises and falls on leadership

    Gary Schwammlein shares how he brings top global leaders together to inspire others

    Consulting Corner

    Appreciating the ordinary people

    There are people who are invisible to the world. The jobs they do go unnoticed for various reasons, but without them, there will be disorder and chaos. Every organisation has such back-end workers who silently support the company’s functional and operational aspect.

    Hard Talk

    Making a difference

    Nearly every time my mum is about to purchase a new product, the first question she pops to the salesperson will be: “Where was this product made?”

    Thought of the Week

    When the little things count

    I noticed an ambiguous trend when I was studying in Australia. Whenever there was a group discussion, the Australians would maintain full eye contact with each other while the Asians seemed lost.

    Hard Talk

    Do you know a Fred?

    There was once a postman named Fred. He was “just a postman” to many, and probably didn’t get any recognition for the kind of work he did, but Fred certainly left an impact on Mark Sanborn.

    Consulting Corner

    Pain is a great teacher

    “The young people of today don’t know the meaning of real pain, Daniel. They have not gone through the challenges you’ve faced and I’m sure by sharing your life with them, they would understand that their challenges are nothing compared to yours.”

    Be A Leader

    4 Reasons why great leaders get overlooked

    There you are: battling away month after month in difficult surroundings, giving it your all (or nearly your all), saving everyone else’s hides, thinking so far outside the box that the box is barely visible, delivering added value faster than a speeding train. . .basically, you’re laying waste to every leadership metaphor there is.

    Career Advice

    Finding fulfilment and purpose in life

    “What is your purpose in life?”, “What do you love doing?”, “Are you happy at work?” There you go, life’s unavoidable questions. We need to be reminded that life is beyond us and we are made to work.

    Consulting Corner

    Do your employees learn or leave?

    Let's be honest now, shall we?