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    Saturday, March 18, 2017

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    Be A Leader

    Why teams matter

    Great teams always have the capability to go beyond and deliver much more than the sum of their parts. Yet, in business, we hardly see sustained focus on building high-performance teams. A lot of time, individuals get the limelight and little is done to highlight team performance.

    Telling stories that inspire action

    What does it take to get a business leader out of bed extra early and fighting through rush hour traffic on a Monday morning? The desire to tell better stories, apparently!

    Company & Talent

    Move with the times, says K-Pintar CEO

    In the words of singer-songwriter Bob Dylan, the times they are a-changin’. When Dylan wrote these enduring words in 1963, he could not possibly have known just how much the times were about to a-change with the invention of the Internet that altered the course of human history like so few creations before it.

    Career Advice

    The neuroscience of procrastination

    You arrive at your office on a Monday morning ahead of your colleagues. Deciding to get a head start to the workweek, you come in at least an hour earlier than usual, and start on that financial report you held off last week.

    6 Secrets to stop feeling overworked and overwhelmed

    Imagine if you could cure that feeling of being overworked and overwhelmed, without sacrificing career advancement or progress on your most important goals.

    Company & Talent

    Are employee retreats necessary?

    We spent three hours under the scorching heat running, walking, solving riddles and finding the next clue based on information gathered from signboards, landmarks and general knowledge. Oh, and we squeezed in a five-minute video shoot that tells a self-made tale about the epic warrior Hang Tuah and his search for a successor while trying to win over the heart of Chinese princess Hang Li Po.

    Be A Leader

    Rest assured: how sleeping well makes you a better leader

    Our bed is a magical place, one that we yearn for intensely, and that yearning gets greater with every meal we have. Our beds are a place for us to regroup and retreat from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives.

    Consulting Corner

    If you snooze, do you really lose?

    When was the last time someone asked “How are you?”, and the answer was “busy”? It seems like everyone I talk to is busy. Being busy is the new normal.