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    Saturday, December 03, 2016

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    Consulting Corner

    11 Great reasons to hire employees with developmental disabilities

    I have a 24-year-old son who has a developmental disability, and I know first-hand how difficult it is for these individuals to find an employer willing to give them a chance. Typically, they barely make it through the door, and the answer is “No” – simply based on how they look, act, or speak.

    Hard Talk

    No limbs, no problems

    Do you sometimes complain about the most trivial of things, then find yourself ashamed over its insignificance upon reflection a day later? What about those times when we found ourselves appreciating what we had only after we had lost the very things we often take for granted?

    Thought of the Week

    The strength of our different abilities

    This year has been a historic year for the disabled community in Malaysia. Perhaps the most high-profile news would be our triple, first-ever Paralympic gold medals, brought home from Rio in September by Mohamad Ridzuan Mohamad Puzi, Muhammad Ziyad Zolkefli and Abdul Latif Romly for their performance in the 100m T36, shot put F20, and long jump T20 events, respectively. Also in the haul was the bronze medal won by Siti Noor Radiah Ismail in the long jump T20 event.

    Career Advice

    Lessons from going the distance

    For as long as I could remember, I have been breaking bones. Born with a condition called type one Osteogenesis Imperfecta, my bones are extremely brittle. Everyday impacts like falling down, which usually do not affect normal children, meant broken bones for me. My fractures were so frequent that I stopped walking when I was two years old; every time I tried standing up, my bones would give way.

    Your weakness may be your competitive advantage

    Midway through the workshop I was teaching on professional reinvention, I gave participants an assignment: create a narrative citing your professional strengths. After the break, a woman named Alison raised her hand.

    Remembering the tiger of Jelutong

    In April 2014, many mourned the loss of Karpal Singh, a veteran Malaysian opposition lawmaker and lawyer, ardent defender of human rights activists and opponent of the death penalty. Killed in a motor accident on his way to a court case in Penang, Karpal had been working tirelessly to the last day of his life.

    Why successful people focus on what’s going right

    I got a reminder of this recently during a coaching session with bestselling author and executive coach, Wendy Capland. A while back, I wrote a column from an interview with Capland, and as a follow-up we decided she would coach me and that I would write about it.

    A Day in the Life

    Limitless: The life of Melvin Tong

    In April 2010, Melvin Tong became the first amputee to scale Mount Kinabalu. He reached the summit driven by an amiable stubbornness forged by the words of well-intentioned people whose help often meant asking him to limit himself – typically to a desk job and to a life that he believed did not fulfil his fullest potential.

    Company & Talent

    Towards a diversely-abled workforce

    The World Health Organisation estimates that around 15% of the world’s population live with some form of disability. However, most economies, including our own, have yet to achieve a representative rate of employment for people with disabilities (PWDs). In Malaysia, data from 2015 states that out of the one million workers working in the public sector, 3,741 (less than 0.4%) comprises PWDs.

    Consulting Corner

    What defines you?

    Imagine someone calling you the world’s ugliest person. How will you respond to that? Will you fight the person off or will you perhaps shake it off?

    Hard Talk

    A friend indeed: A simple guide to supporting one another

    At some point in life we each encounter setbacks. That is undeniable. What are setbacks? It’s either a specific event or a string of them that impede on your forward progress, hence holding you back from greatness. They come in an assortment of forms ranging from the economic to the physical, and sometimes even in the form of love. Sound familiar?

    How To

    7 Barriers to achieving greatness

    It's truly fascinating how successful people approach problems. Where others see impenetrable barriers, they see challenges to embrace and obstacles to overcome.