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    Saturday, January 14, 2017

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    Be A Leader

    It pays to be a collaborative leader

    Traditional leadership focuses primarily on the transaction (sale, pitch, hire, stock price, vote). Collaborative leadership focuses on the relationship. People with traditional leadership mindsets are confused by collaborative leadership – because they want the pitch, not the question.

    A Day in the Life

    Tolstoys three questions for better relationship

    Recently, I’ve been reflecting on relationships: how can we best build and nurture connections in our professional network as well as ou

    Career Advice

    Dealing with other people’s emotional baggage

    Have you ever walked away from a conversation with a co-worker or family member, shaking your head and wondering, “Where did that come from?”

    Beyond superficial networking

    When you think of networking within your industry, what comes to mind? Are you excited? Or do you, like many people, dread the idea of yet another round of, “So. . . what do you do?”

    Engaging hearts and minds

    One of the primary ingredients of good leadership is being able to build great relationships. Teams are more productive and sustainable when members enjoy being in the company of their peers or leader.

    Working professional open up about relationship-building at work

    What's your favourite approach to building relationships in the workplace? Was there an unexpected occasion where you found your relationship with a stakeholder being strengthened? Prethiba Esvary speaks to professionals from a range of workplace environments to understand how they build and nurture relationships at work.

    Be A Leader

    The wrong approach to developing leaders

    I spent the past month interviewing leaders to help them get even better and make a greater impact. These were not your ordinary leadership interviews; I did what is called a “leadership experience interview”.

    Tips to recharge your team regularly

    Lousy leaders drain people; successful leaders energise. Do eyes light up when you’re around? Those who make the biggest difference, energise others.

    Build stronger relationships at work

    Although honesty is by far the most important quality in forming relationships, let’s face it – there are always certain things you should never tell others in a professional setting. Sharing the right aspects of who we are is absolutely necessary for building lasting connections. We just need to walk the fine line between showing a personal side and divulging carelessly and without limit.

    Career & Industry

    Let trust fuel your business

    With a workday that creeps closer and closer toward the 24-hour mark (figuratively speaking, of course, but it sure feels literal at times), the demand of the day creates unwanted pressure and stress to get things done. People must work across multiple time zones without meeting their team members in person. The reliance on email, teleconferencing and phone calls are less than ideal for building trust and rapport, but necessary nonetheless.

    Focus on relationships, not profits

    Doing sales is not everybody’s cup of tea. Something about the word “sales” makes many of us recoil. Except for those who have a natural gift for selling, it’s something most of us try to avoid thinking about, whether it’s the idea of receiving a sales pitch or – perish the thought – delivering one.

    A Day in the Life

    9 Habits of people who build fantastic relationships

    Professional success is important to everyone, but still, success in business and in life means different things to different people – as well it should.