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    Saturday, October 22, 2016

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    Career Advice

    Want to get promoted?

    There are many things you can say about Jack Welch, and this is one of them: he definitely knows how to identify and develop great leaders.

    Be A Leader

    Powerful tactics to lead without a title

    In many ways, the whole idea behind leading without a title is the democratisation of leadership. Yes, positions are important to the smooth running of any organisation (whether that organisation is a business or a community or a family).

    How do you, as a leader, overcome adversity?

    When we talk about what makes a great leader, there is one quality that regularly gets overlooked: the capacity for overcoming adversity.

    Career Advice

    Unique things great bosses do every day

    We have all heard the adage, “People don’t leave bad jobs; they leave bad bosses.” It makes great fodder for after-work gripe sessions, but is there really any data to back the claim up? As it turns out, there’s a tonne.

    Thought of the Week

    4 Lessons learn from Datuk Lee Chong Wei

    I’m sure most of us watched the final moments of the Olympic badminton finals between Datuk Lee Chong Wei and Chen Long, and witnessed the heartbreaking moment when Lee lost. I really felt for him. Even when we were preparing for bed that night, I was still telling my hubby, Jamie, that I feel Lee’s pain and anguish.

    Hard Talk

    Let’s get real in a plastic world

    Ever heard someone say, “I have 20 more years of experience than you.”

    Company & Talent

    IJM: A shared destiny

    Destiny. One word. A million definitions.

    Career Advice

    The peer principle

    Few of us will ever replace a commercial gas meter. But in case you ever do, here’s some advice: during the brief interval when your gas pipe is not connected to either the old or new meter, be sure to vent the highly combustible leakage outside.

    Consulting Corner

    Defeating the demon of leadership loneliness

    Leading sets you apart from others. Being out in front means you may walk alone. Additionally, you work to understand others but do others understand you?